‘Scientology Warrior’ Now On Kindle

‘Scientology Warrior’ Now On Kindle.

I’m posting my comment to Marty as my first blog post.


Thank-you so much for sharing.

As shocking as this might sound to some, I find myself no longer hating DM and the corporate church. I still won’t go there for any services mind you but the large mass of antipathy as-ised and no longer weighs heavily on me.

Sarge, thanks also to you for sharing as much as you have.

I truly hope that Ron is happy and doing well now, wherever he might be. Despite his flaws (and please, remember, he told us how he was just a man) the body of workable tech he left us speaks for itself.

I find that the nagging questions of how did this come to pass no longer drag at my attention. I’ve let go of my consideration that Ron was an “uber OT” and the consequent confusions and upsets that having that wrong idea held in place. Ron was a brilliant man and his words in some of the later Ron’s Journals make a lot more sense to me now. The legacy is there and it is up to us to take advantage of it.

Finishing the book was definitely a Zen moment for me.

Thank-you again Marty.


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